Go Proverbs

In 1960, a famous player in Japan, Kensaku Segoe, wrote a book called "Go Proverbs Illustrated", which was translated into English by John Bauer. I understand that it has been out of print for many years.

I have selected some of these proverbs, with my own commentary aimed at beginners. If you look around there are many web sites that discuss these proverbs and I recommend them for stronger players who are familiar with the Japanese technical terms. For example, the excellent Sensei's Go Proverbs.

If you understand and can apply these proverbs, your game will surely improve. Some of the diagrams may seem to show artificial prositions, but you would be surprised how often they occur in actual play.

A little warning, some of these sections include Japanese terms. There are a few that are really worth learning if you ever want to read more advanced books or web-sites. I have tried to make sure they are all in the Glossary.